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March Northside Urban Coalition

The Northside Urban Coalition is a Drug Free Communities project of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council’s Health & Well-being initiative. NSUC is focused on preventing youth substance use in North Minneapolis and educates them to build trust in authority, live stress free and maintain a safe living and working environment.

The Northside Urban Coalition project will address:
Opioids use
Marijuana awareness
Underage smoking
Underage drinking

Professionals and Community partners will discuss vaping and why people do vs those who don’t vape. We will also explore the underage smoking increase.

Survey Results: Youth Tobacco Use

Survey Results: Youth Tobacco Use

In the Early Stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an overwhelming amount of research regarding COVID-19 and
health outcomes for tobacco users. Knowing there are negative health impacts intertwined with COVID-19 and tobacco
users, we were curious to see if young people changed their usage due to the pandemic.