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Climate Action Survey for Hennepin County Residents

Hennepin County is developing a climate action plan with initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strategies to adapt to our changing climate in ways that reduce vulnerabilities and ensure a more equitable and resilient Hennepin County.

The plan will serve as the foundation for the county’s coordinated approach to planning, policy development, and responses to climate change.

Paid Focus Group Opportunity for Northsiders

In her role at Pillsbury United Communities, KENZIE O’KEEFE is working on a three year project with Hennepin County to address and dismantle racial disparities through county policy. As part of the beginning of this...

Survey Results: Youth Tobacco Use

Survey Results: Youth Tobacco Use

In the Early Stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an overwhelming amount of research regarding COVID-19 and
health outcomes for tobacco users. Knowing there are negative health impacts intertwined with COVID-19 and tobacco
users, we were curious to see if young people changed their usage due to the pandemic.