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Breast cancer survival rates underscore importance of regular screeningA new breast cancer report from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) shows a 30-year trend of decreasing mortality rates, suggesting improved diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Minnesota.TOP STORYVIDEO: PUBLIC POLICY • YOUR HEALTH • THE ARTS
This is a special rebroadcast of this weeks, Hawthorne Huddle!
Topic: Community engagement reports from Hawthorne Huddle
FACEBOOKConversations With Al McFarlane is presented byTODAYS HEADLINES5 safety tips for medications in your home(BPT) – Did you know that 70,980 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2019? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that figure, citing over 194 drug-related deaths in the U.S. every day last year.SENIOR LIVINGThree Lessons From the Past to Help You Understand the 2020 Election(NewsUSA) – Think this election season has been the craziest of all time? Think again. American elections have long been highlighted by drama, scandal and intrigue — and the surprising twists and turns of presidential campaigns have a habit of repeating themselves.
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Stacy’s Pita Chips helps Minneapolis’ Junita’s Jar get foundOne of the biggest challenges for female founders? Being found. According to the Rise of the Female Founder survey conducted earlier this year by Stacy’s Pita Chips, 67 percent of consumers wish it were easier to find products and services from female-founded businesses and 79 percent think it is important to see more female-founded businesses in their communities.
SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS Become a Changemaker today. A ChangemakerA changemaker sees the problems in the world, identifies solutions and takes action to transform their communities. Learn how you can help Greater Twin Cities United Way make a lasting impact at BLACK BUSINESS FEATUREIt’s what’s in: Junita’s Jar

Bake hope into every cookie purchase, helping women live their best lives.LEARN MORE NOWARTS & CULTUREJuxtapostion ArtsWhat is JXTA?What is Juxtaposition Arts? We’re here to tell you. Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) has launched the largest initiative in our history – a $14 million capital campaign to build a state-of-the-art facility, at our current location, that will engage and employ even more young artists in hands-on education initiatives that create pathways to self-sufficiency while actualizing creative power. This campaign will continue JXTA’s longstanding commitment to our neighborhood and in the equitable development of North Minneapolis and the West Broadway commercial corridor. In doing so, we will help build the cultural, financial, and social capital of North Minneapolis.

The $14 million will pay for the demolition of existing buildings (already begun) and the construction of a new building, the purchase of equipment and furnishings, programmatic expansion, and a reserve fund. This will be a four-year campaign that begins today and concludes on May 31, 2022. The McKnight Foundation has made a lead gift of $1.3 million to the campaign. An additional $300,000 in donations brings our total to $1.6 million secured. JXTA’s funding will come from a variety of sources including: foundations, corporations, individuals, events, and government funding. To be successful, we will need everyone’s support.

To learn how you can assist us in this ambitious undertaking, or to make a donation, contact Kevin Vollmers, Development Director, at 612-588-1148 or Minnesota’s Only Black History Museum Pt 1: Virtual Tour
Unicorn Riot honors Black History Month by taking you to Minnesota’s only Black History Museum, which brings a year-round gallery and free community space. Since September 2018, the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery has been an educational space dedicated to African American history in the State of Minnesota. Unicorn Riot visited the museum where co-founder and curator, Tina Burnside gave us a walk through. In the first of our two-part video series, we tour the museum and hear about the exhibits.Penumbra TheatreForty Years of Penumbra Theatre: Lou and Sarah Bellamy Reflect Learn more about Penumbra: FEATURESCOVID-19 Community TestingThe Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) works in partnership with communities to provide safe and free on-site COVID-19 testing in areas with outbreaks, increasing cases, or other barriers to access existing test sites.Visit COVID-19 Community Testing to sign up for an appointment or learn more.Situation Update for COVID-19Subscribe: COVID-19 updates
Sign up to receive email or mobile alerts when this data is updated, as well as other periodic COVID-19 updates.The Importance of Kids Wearing Masks with Lt. Governor Flanagan and Special Guest
Cloth masks are one of the easiest ways we can limit the spread of COVID-19. And while our littlest Minnesotans are less affected by COVID-19, they can still get sick or spread the virus to others who might be severely impacted. We need everyone five and up to mask up. Parents – start practicing good mask wearing habits with your kiddos this summer so they’re ready for whatever the fall brings. Make it part of your routine to put on a mask any time you head out the door. It’s like tying your shoes or riding a bike – it takes some practice, but it’s best if we all know how to do it safely. Let’s mask up, Minnesota!Learn moreCOMMUNITY EVENTSPCYC’s Annual Children’s Gift Sale
in the Year of Doing Things DifferentlyOur efforts this year come with our fervent hope for the good health and safety of everyone this holiday season. We look forward to December 2021, when we can imagine safely welcoming hundreds of children and families to PCYC’s 57th Annual Children’s Gift Sale in the new Capri.
Learn more: we do an Annual event but this year will look a little different. We also know most students may not return to school right away or not at all, yet are still in need of School Supplies and Winter Clothing.
Help us to put a smile on a youth’s face as we give back to the Community.
Visit: ON COMMUNITYComo Park District 10 Community CouncilDistrict 10 was the force behind creating the Como Woodland and the Capitol Region Watershed District. We’re the keepers of our Neighborhood Honor Roll. We throw a summer Ice Cream Social, organize neighborhood and lake clean-ups, support block clubs, coordinate a neighborhood garage sale, sponsor community garden plots, and create our annual Sunday Series — free presentations on all kinds of topics: practical, fun, historical, inspiring, sometimes all of the above. We also hash out development, zoning, housing, transportation, and all kinds of “official” topics, striving to find the best outcome for our neighborhood.
Learn more @ district10comopark.orgJOIN WITH INSIGHT NEWS TODAY TO SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS!Your favorite restaurant. The flower shop in your neighborhood. The Black-owned coffee shop that just opened this year. The impact of COVID -19 and racial strife in Minnesota has left many businesses unable tor reopen and recover from this economic depression.

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