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Rapid Response COVID-19 Food Security RFA

Rapid Response COVID-19 Food Security RFA

The City of Minneapolis Health Department invites applications through a rapid response process for COVID-19 Community Food Security Supports. $470,000 in CARES funds is available from the City of Minneapolis through this process.

Election 2020: Q&A and FAQs

Absentee Voting (Early In-Person, Vote-By-Mail, Ballot Drop-Off) The absentee voting period runs for 46 days prior to Election Day; for 2020, this means absentee voting (early voting) begins 8 a.m. on Fri., Sep. 18,...

October 2020 Hawthorne Huddle

AGENDAFriends of the Hawthorne Huddle, We hear about how school is going in Minneapolis in the COVID Era. Colleen Kaibel from Minneapolis Public Schools Check and Connect and David Tarleton, Director of Education for...

Helpful Resources for Senior Veterans and their Families from Assisted Living Today

Veterans give their all in the service, yet may find it challenging to resume their civilian lives and later in life, veterans face an additional hurdle if they need to move into an assisted living facility (ALF): the high cost of care.

Fortunately for veterans and their surviving spouses, there are benefits available to help alleviate the financial burden that comes with long-term care in an assisted living facility.