Community Corrections Coalition: Public Forum

Hennepin County DOCCR is pleased to announce our upcoming Public Forum meeting on 1.26.21. Please consider joining us and share with your network, friends and community. The Director of Hennepin County DOCCR, Catherine Johnson, will be presenting on the “Use of Force  Policy”. We hope you consider joining us. Thank you for your attention.

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You are invited to attend the upcoming Community Corrections Coalition public forum meeting on Tuesday, January 26 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. 

Meeting details

During this meeting, there will be a presentation update about on “Use of force Policy”. Following the presentation, there will be an open forum that community members can participate in. 

About the Community Corrections Coalition

The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Community Corrections Coalition advises and influences policies and practices, particularly as they relate to racial disparities and service gaps, as well as supports the building of relationships between community members and the department. 

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Questions about the meeting and the Community Corrections Coalition can be directed to Taska Welter, the Community Corrections Coalition Coordinator, at

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