Annex Teen Clinic

Annex Teen Clinic is recruiting for a group that is focused on creating recommendations for healthcare and social service providers to improve their ability to provide care to young people in a trauma-informed way that especially addresses the historical trauma communities of color live with. We are looking for young people (18-25) who are interested in learning about historical trauma and healing, and excited about the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge in working to change how young people of color are treated by healthcare and social service providers.

More information can be found on the registration form, here is the link.

Annex Teen Clinic is also working to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and the resources available to young people. We also have workshops for parents/caregivers about sexual exploitation and how to have conversations about it with their children. Information about all of our open educational sessions is on our website’s event page. All of our educational programming can also be scheduled with groups as well.

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