How Energy Efficient Is Your Neighborhood?

How Energy Efficient Is Your Neighborhood?

In January, the City of Minneapolis launched a one-of-a-kind energy disclosure for homes being sold in the city. Energy efficiency has consistently been a part of the conversation for people buying and selling homes and this policy allows people to see how efficiently homes use energy.

The map is growing of homes that have received an energy score. You can view the scores in your neighborhood by visiting

The City of Minneapolis provides resources for people to make cost-effective energy improvements on their homes:

  • Up to $1,000 in cash-back rebates
  • Up to $500 in energy tax credits
  • 0% interest loans for the upfront cost

To make this all possible, the City Minneapolis and CenterPoint Energy have partnered with local nonprofit, Center for Energy and Environment, to provide an Energy Advisor service to assist homeowners with energy upgrades.

We all can do our part to make our city a greener place to live while improving the comfort and value of our homes. For more information and to get connected with resources: call: 651-328-6225 or visit:

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