Important Opportunities to Comment on Utility Rate Increase, Inclusive Financing & More.

Important opportunities to intervene in the energy decisions: Here are 3 key upcoming comment filing dates for decisions about:

  • Where does energy get sourced from?
  • What is the price of it?
  • Who gets to lower their energy bills?

Remember: so few people comment on these decisions that your input can go a long way!

  • Price of Energy- 9% Rate Hike + Inclusive Financing – Centerpoint seeks to increase rates by 8.7% for gas customers (including an increase in the monthly flat fee by 26% from $9.50 to $12 – this is a charge that cannot be changed through behavior or efficiency upgrades). The City of Minneapolis is intervening to propose that Centerpoint adopt Inclusive Financing (the program we discussed in the cohort with Tammy Agard). Public Hearings will be held virtually July 28th, 29th, 30th – (docket #19-524) written comments to the Public Utilities Commission August 21. Sign up here soon to get support on sending in comments including talking points.
  • Where We Source Our Energy? Xcel’s 15- Year Plan – Integrated Resource Plan “IRP” – Docket #19-368 The IRP was released June 30 with comments due on October 30, 2020 at 4:30pm. The plan includes more nuclear, additional fracked gas plants, and a 97% decrease in community-controlled solar projects. Connect with Carmen to RSVP for an upcoming 101 on what’s in the plan. 
  • Who Can Lower Their Energy Bills? Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy’s Conservation Improvement Programs (CIP)  
    • CenterPoint Energy’s CIP – Docket 20-478 – increases low income program spending to $13 million over the three years of the plan, almost double the amount required by Minnesota law. (This is the level negotiated under the ECO Act that didn’t pass.)
    • Xcel Energy’s CIP – Docket 20-473 – requests flexibility in responding to COVID-19 outside of the normal regulatory process. Xcel recently proposed a Relief and Recovery filing (Docket No. E,G999/CI-20-492) to double their required spending on low income programs. The CIP low income spending will be updated if the Commission approves their Relief and Recovery filing. 
    • Comments are due Aug 10 to the Department of Commerce. The City of Minneapolis is offering free assistance to help draft and submit your comments.
  • PUBLIC HEARINGS + WRITTEN TESTIMONY. Public Hearings (virtual via WebEx or Telephone) received on Rate Hike + Inclusive Financing
  • July 28th, 1pm + 6pm
  • July 29th, 5pm
  • July 30th, 6pm
  • Written Testimony
    • Deadline for Written Comments for Rate Hike + Inclusive Financing (submit here): August 21st, 4:30pm
    • Be sure to mention – Docket #19-524 in the subject line of your comment

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