All Parks Alliance for Change: June 2020 E-Blast

Minnesota’s Eviction Moratorium Ends July 13

Minnesota currently has a moratorium on evictions. It was established by Governor Tim Walz as part of a series of Peacetime Emergency Declarations. The moratorium is scheduled to expire July 13. The Governor has renewed the moratorium three times, so an additional extension is possible.

Evictions in Minnesota are on pause during this emergency. Your park owner cannot file an eviction case against you right now. The sheriff cannot remove you from your home. There are very few exceptions to this. This chart explains when a landlord can and cannot file an eviction case. Undocumented people have all the same housing rights when it comes to housing and evictions.

If your manufactured home park is trying to get you to move out before the moratorium ends:

Federal Eviction Moratorium Ends July 25

Evictions are largely prevented in all rental properties, including manufactured home parks, if they receive federal subsidies or have federally backed mortgages. The estimate is 20 to 25 percent of properties are covered.

The 120-day moratorium was created as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The moratorium is scheduled to expire July 25. If there is no extension to this date, a 30-day notice is required for evictions, which means the earliest evictions can go to court will be late August.

Bill Requires Notifying Residents of Moratorium Protection

The Tenant Protection Notification Act of 2020 (H.R. 6815) was introduced to protect renters, including manufactured home park residents, from illegal evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evictions are largely prevented, if rental properties receive federal subsidies or have federally backed mortgages.

The information needed to determine which specific properties are covered, however, is not always available or accessible. The proposal requires federal agencies to provide standardized letter language that landlords must send to all residents at properties covered by the CARES Act federal eviction moratorium to let them know their rights under the law. 

No Action on State or Federal Rental Assistance

The Minnesota Legislature held a nine-day special session in June, but no deals were reached on legislation. Federal legislation also remains stalled. APAC continues to push at both the state and federal levels to increase rental assistance and to make residents eligible for that assistance, including:

  • Urging the state to use the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds provided under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for rental assistance and housing supports.
  • Including park lot rent and resident-owned communities in state legislation (H.F. 4541) to provide $100 million for rental assistance, which the Minnesota Legislature will take up again in a Special Session beginning June 12.
  • Supporting the Emergency Rental Assistance and Rental Market Stabilization Act (S. 3685 / H.R. 6820) to provide $100 billion in emergency rental assistance, which has now been included in the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (HEROES) Act (H.R. 6800).

In addition, Governor Walz has taken two additional actions that help residents.  First, we urged Walz to protect the CARES Act stimulus checks from debt collectors, which he did by issuing Executive Order 20-50. Second, Walz issued Executive Order 20-10, which prohibits price gouging during a peacetime emergency and prevents excessive or prohibitive pricing of essential goods and services, including rent.

Don’t forget about the 2020 Census!
We need all manufactured home park residents to be counted. The data from the census will help determine how $15.5 billion in federal funds are distributed across Minnesota each year for things like housing assistance, health care, education, and roads, including making sure that park residents aren’t left out. That’s $2,796 per Minnesotan per year or $27,960 per Minnesotan per decade.
It has never been easier for people to respond from the safety of their homes!  During the COVID-19 outbreak, responding now will minimize the need to send census takers door-to-door in our communities to follow up. If you haven’t already, please respond today by:

  • Filling out your form online at or
  • Calling 844-330-2020 (Phone support is also available in 13 non-English languages. Visit the Census Bureau website to learn more!)

APAC Executive Director is selected as 2020 Bush Fellow

Congratulations to APAC’s Executive Director, Dave Anderson, who has been selected as a 2020 Bush Fellow! The fellowships are awarded each year by the Bush Foundation, a Minnesota-based organization that offers grants to people in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota to “think bigger and differently about problem solving.” This year, Dave was chosen as one of 24 recipients from a pool of 746 applicants. Read more about his experience and vision here:

Stay informed about the Coronavirus

All forms of media are now dominated with information about the coronavirus, but some less reputable sources are spreading incomplete, misleading, false, or even malicious information. Stay informed but make sure that you are relying on reputable sources and, ideally, confirming the information with at least two sources. A couple of the best sources are the Minnesota Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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