Update: Resources for Renters and Home Owners

  • Update on Minneapolis Gap Funds for Housing.  Approximately 8,000 applications were received for the City of Minneapolis’ Gap Funds for Housing program. During the first week of May, applicants will receive information on initial eligibility. As there are more applications than funds available, the City will use a random-selection process to create a list order for the next step in the approval process. Applicants eligible for the Stable Homes Stable Schools Emergency Expansion program and households with annual incomes of 30% AMI or below, will be prioritized. Those who are eligible but unfunded will be referred to the Tenant Resource Center (TRC) at 612-302-3180. TRC and mediators will be accepting calls and connecting callers to partner resources. More information is available on the City’s Gap Funding website.
  • Hennepin County Housing Court updates. The Hennepin County Housing Court opened on May 5th, by order of Chief Justice Gildea. The first block of hearings are for those tenants who received an eviction summons prior to the Minnesota eviction moratorium but after the courts closed. In order to accommodate physical distancing practices, the Court will limit the number of cases per hour and will allow landlords and tenants to participate remotely via Government Zoom.  The Tenant Resource Center is looking to provide an alternative location for those who can’t access Zoom from home and prefer not to go to the Housing Court in the Hennepin County Government Center.  Landlords are encouraged to try and resolve these matters outside of Court and newly and soon-to-be released funding should help reduce evictions. The Tenant Resource Centeris an important resource for landlords and tenants.

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