Statement from Ann DeGroot on Today’s Hawthorne Huddle

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Hawthorne Huddle
Dear Huddle Participants:   Today’s Hawthorne Huddle was hacked by someone who sent an extremely explicit and disturbing child pornography video into our Zoom feed. Like all of you, I am very disturbed by the images and am trying my best to calm down. I am so sorry to all of you who witnessed that display. I am writing to let you know what is being done right now. The police began investigating the matter immediately. Diana has tracked the hack to a participant’s device which will be helpful in both the investigation and in knowing how to prevent this in the future. The participant did nothing wrong. In the future, all Huddle Zoom meetings will be password protected. We are also looking into options other than Zoom if we feel that the platform is not stable even with a password. I will keep you in the loop as things develop. Ann
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