April Hawthorne Huddle Cancelled

Huddle Cancelled

Dear Friends:

Diana and I have made the very difficult decision to cancel the April Hawthorne Huddle.  Given the highly infectious COVID-19 Virus, the uncertainty about transmission and the warnings from Public Health and elected officials to stay home, we are following suit.

The Huddle has been, for almost 25 years, a place to come together in times of community crisis so it seems odd that we are staying home and away from each other.  But, it is necessary.

Please stay connected through telephone, email and other electronic platforms.  Connection, in whatever way is possible, is the key to making it through a difficult time.

Stay in touch with the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council through its website https://hawthorneneighborhoodcouncil.org/.  

Please use the Youth Coordinating Board’s COVID-19 page https://www.ycb.org/covid19 to get up-to-date information relevant to children and young people in Minneapolis.

Please take good care of yourselves, your families and your neighbors.  I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces when we can reconvene again.


YCB Website | YCB on Facebook | YCB on Twitter | YCB on Instagram

Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Website | Hawthorne on Facebook

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