MN Wellness Connection

MN Wellness Connection is a community outreach program of 14 wellness offices around the metro that work together to promote a healthy lifestyle. They offer several health services to companies and groups who work with the community on a daily basis. One of the services they offer includes coming in to your locations and offering clients free mini-chair massages as a small stress relief break from the day! This is a MN Wellness favorite!

Otherwise, they come in for a Lunch & Learn and discuss ergonomics, nutrition, or any topic you think would be beneficial to you–along with a healthy lunch, of course!

They are very flexible and happy to accommodate to any businesses needs or wants. They do offer free marketing when you become a community wellness partner with us as well!

Check out their website at, &

For more info, contact Saundra, an advocate and coordinator of MN Wellness Connection. She would be more than happy to move forward on some more information and answer any questions you might have! This is completely free of charge and simply want to make our community healthier!

Saundra Matchette

LiveLife Wellness/Minnesota Wellness Connection

Community Wellness Advocate/Marketing Coordinator,

Student and Dr. Recruiter

(612) 239-7263

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