Environmental Conservation Committee

The Hawthorne Neighborhood Council’s Environment Committee is deeply involved in the environmental and ecological health of Hawthorne as related to their mission to improve the quality of life through empowering the residents to address the physical, cultural, social and economic needs of the community, many of which were identified in Phase 1 of the Hawthorne NRP plan.

Significant successes of the community in recent years have included the development of rainwater gardens around Hawthorne including by the Kwanzaa school, near 4th Avenue, and Fairview Park. They have also provided technical assistance and training to encourage residential rain gardens. The Environment committee helped to develop the bike lanes along 26th avenue leading to the Mississippi River, the Hawthorne Tree Nursery and annual Clean Sweeps to remove debris and pollutants from Hawthorne boulevards and alleys that could be dangerous to children and residents. They also encourage the use of our bike lanes and encourage residents to get involved in planning even more exciting programs for the neighborhood.

The Hawthorne Environmental Conservation program’s long term goal is to provide educational training and materials that will enable people to make informed decisions and take actions to preserve or enhance the quality, productivity and sustainability of natural resources and natural systems in the neighborhood.

Our specific long term goals are to:

  • Strengthen the capacity within community to identify and effectively address natural resource issues through education, training and technical assistance
  • Provide a mechanism for information exchange between the Environmental Committee and those groups and individuals that are engaged in conservation
  • Facilitate communication and partnerships among various individuals, groups, and agencies engaged in conservation and environmental education