Plan Modification

Just a friendly reminder:

Notice to all Hawthorne Residents!

The HNC Board of Director proposes to revise the Hawthorne Neighborhood Phase I and Phase II NRP Plans by reallocating up to $138,000 of NRP funds between strategies in the plans.

The reallocations will include:

            • reducing $75,000 from Phase I strategy 1.1.3.B Acquisition/Demolition.

            • reducing $25,000 of Phase II Program Income from 1.1.1.A. Rehabilitation Loan Program.

            • reducing $38,000 from Phase II 1.1.7.A. Lowry Corridor Housing Developments.

            • adding $138,000 to Phase II strategy 6.1.1.B Plan Implementation.

The HNC Board will vote on this proposal at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on May 9th at Farview Park which starts at 6:45 p.m.

 You are welcome to attend, participate in the discussion and vote on these issues.

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