Minneapolis 2020

To the City of Minneapolis Council Members.

As you are well aware, North Minneapolis residents have been shut out of the planning and decision-making process of their community throughout history. They have been ignored while having their neighborhoods, parks, roads, and economic decisions planned and decided for them. The affects are still apparent today. Northsiders are tired of having government do work against them rather than with them. As a voting member and decision-making body on the City Council, you have the responsibility to listen. You have the opportunity to give Northsiders their dignity back. They have screamed loud and clear that even though they fought hard to be a voice at the table, once again their time has been devalued and their desires have been ignored in this process. They are asking for NCR to partner with CURA, an outside agency, to oversee that the 2020 plan and Framework receives proper community weigh in. An amendment on top of an amendment will not fix a plan that has left out many, many voices from the process. Give CURA until July 1st to propose for CURA/NCR to post the updated framework for public comment. 


Sent on Behalf of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council

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